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Pay What You Want?!? That’s mad!

How much is a room worth? You tell us in our “Pay What You Want” campaign running in June & July 2018.

I had a customer tell me (in jest, but I think he meant it) that he should go out and change our sign to the “loony motel”! And he might be right, but there’s a method to our madness!

You see, we’ve been in the tourism industry in the New England High Country, running the Armidale Tourist Park, for the past 17 years. That era has ended and a new one begun as we endeavor to run a centrally located motor inn just metres from Armidale’s CBD. Now while we are passionate about tourism in this region and that hasn’t changed, running a motor inn is a little different and we want to know why.

So, in celebration of our new venture we want to make you an offer you can’t refuse in exchange for some valuable information! Come check out our rooms, tell us how much they are worth, experience them for yourself, and then tell us all about it!

We want to know who our customers are, what they like about our rooms, what they don’t like about our rooms, if they like our location, what they want to watch on TV when they enjoy our complimentary continental breakfast, if they like our continental breakfast, if the WIFI actually works, and what they value most in the rooms. And what better way to do that than ask!

So! Let’s make a deal! You stay with us & pay what you want, and we’ll ask you the questions & listen to what you have to say! Next time you come, the motor inn should be just the way you like it! Sounds pretty sweet to me!

Now before you get carried away we do have a ‘silent reserve’, (but just because we want to keep the place cosy & warm & clean for you in this chilling Armidale winter), so give us call on 02 6772 2351, make us an offer and see if we accept!!

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  1. I think a discount for 3 nights would be good…
    We are looking for 3 nights in October
    what is your best offer
    We have stayed with you before

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